Creative and Life Coaching

Molly McCarthy Egan is a life coach with the NYC Vocal Studio

As a coach, I help artists and musicians make transformational change so that they can feel their most confident on stage and moving through the world.

Together we will get absolutely clear on how you interact with your thoughts and feelings both while you are performing and while you are living your life!  

Through my 3-step transformation method, Own Your Voice, we will work with the over-active brain chatter until we free up space for you to unapologetically express your authentic voice. 

Each step is a building block, that will move you through identifying your current road blocks, to clarifying your zones of strength as a person and performer, and ultimately bringing you to a place of maximum efficiency and freedom in your artistry and your life.

By Owning Your Voice you will learn to:

  • Freely express your authentic point of view 
  • Make choices driven by how you want to feel every day, instead of how you want to feel when you “make it”
  • Prioritize taking care of your your mind, body, and soul daily with curated practices for your specific needs
  • Identify and routinely connect with what lights you up as an artist
  • Cultivate a practice to connect with yourself before you step on stage
  • Forgive yourself when you make a mistake, and move on without living in a state of shame
  • Strategize a mental practice for auditions & performances that will allow you to function with maximum freedom
  • Invest in a trusting and secure relationship with yourself
  • Own your schedule, time, and professional life management with more authority

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