Creative and Life Coaching

Molly McCarthy Egan is a life coach with the NYC Vocal Studio

Do you feel like you are getting in the way of being your best self or performer? Do you have a vision of the kind of person and artist you want to be, but somehow continuously find yourself falling short of living out that vision? Are you wanting more for your daily enjoyment of life? 

If so, it's time for a change! Through Creative and Life coaching with Molly of the NYC Vocal Studio, we will explore the space between where you are and where you want to be. We will create a vision and an action plan to get you to feel how you want to feel every day, and together we can begin making space for your ideal life.

Life and creativity coaching for artists:

Imagine how free your voice and artistry would feel if you felt unafraid to put that part of you out into the world. Authentic, unapologetic, strong, brave you in the world. We all have a unique self inside of us, worthy of love, expression and happiness, but sometimes our internal story about ourselves gets in the way of us even believing it's possible. Working with a coach can be that missing link to give you that support to help you make those goals and dreams the makeup of your every day.

Life coaching for all:

If you're not an artist, fear not-I'm here for you too! At the core of what I do, is to work with people on closing the gap between how you want to be feeling in your life, and how you feel currently. Whether you're looking for stronger relationships, a clearer vision for how your dreams can become a reality, or to just get out of your old story and make room for some new happiness, I'm your gal.

What does it mean to team up with a life coach?

Through our partnership we will get to the bottom of what you want for your life and look at how certain perceptions have held you back until now. At the end of each session you'll have very specific action steps set up to continue our session work over the next week. I'll be available for the added bonus of accountability and email access with me for a weekly checkup separate of your coaching time.

How does this all work?

Over the course of a month we will chat once a week for 55 minutes. I think making big life changes, should be accessible! You can conveniently fit this time in over a lunch break, before you leave for work, or in the middle of an otherwise chaotic day. We'll have a set time to chat once a week for a month and the change begins!

How'd you get into this?

In my career as a singer and a voice teacher I have spent so much time talking and thinking about the mental game of performing that over time I realized this was its own branch of the artist's work that needed attention. My fascination just continued to grow and after reading everything I could find on self-betterment and artistry, I needed more! I went right to the source and got my certification through the Transformational Coaching Method, one of the top life and transformational coaching certifications in the country. It's been so exciting to dive into this work and I'd love to team up with you to help make your dreams a reality!

How do I start?

Contact us at to set up your 30 minute deep dive intro session.