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 In addition to voice lessons, NYC Vocal Studio offers several supplementary classes that help each student become a well rounded singer.

Book building

Building a well rounded book is essential to every person auditioning for Musical Theatre in New York City. We will help you do just that. We spend time getting to know your voice, and help you put together a diverse group of songs that will show off your strengths as a singer and an actor. Afraid all your songs are over done at auditions? Our extensive knowledge of musical theater repertoire helps make sure your song choices will be fresh and original.  Enter the audition room feeling great about what you have to offer!

Studio Class

Studio Class is a three month program where once a month each singer will present 1-2 songs they've prepared in voice lessons. We'll spend a few minutes celebrating the accomplishments of the performance and also constructively discussing each performance and helping to illuminate ways the singer could take the performance to the next level. Then you'll have the opportunity to try out some of the new ideas in an exciting and creatively free space.

This is a great opportunity to bring your singing out from behind the closed doors of your voice lesson and into a safe space with other singers who are also ready for this next step. Once you're done singing they'll be snacks and wine and a chance to get to know each other!

In order to participate you must be currently enrolled in voice lessons.

College Auditions

If you are auditioning for a BM, BFA, or BA in musical theater, we can help!  Our teachers have degrees from NYU, CCM, Carnegie Melon, Ithaca, and James Madison University.  We have helped many students get into their dream schools, and can help you feel great about your auditions.  Let us help you find that perfect song and feel great about your voice!

Song Analysis: Acting a song

In every song there is a conversation happening and a level of conflict that makes the singer need to communicate the words and language of the song. Through our song analysis class, we will examine the circumstance of the song and bring to words to life. We will explore how each character would communicate the words they are saying and why they would choose to say them. As this class is being offered by well established voice teachers, we will also take into account your vocal limitations or strengths. This is by no means a voice lesson but it is a chance for singers to explore acting a song in a safe setting. That said, having a dramatic connection to the song you are singing has time and time again shown to help the work done during voice lessons. For more advanced students, song analysis can be included as part of normal voice lessons, or as part of a separate coaching session.

Workshops and Master Classes

In addition to voice lessons, we offer several workshops and masterclasses throughout the year. They range in audition preparation and mock auditions, acting a song, finding ways to get over stage fright and performance anxiety. If there is a overwhelming interest in anyone subject we are always open to offer more routine workshops. Not just voice lessons, the skies the limit!  Our voice teachers are all working professionals who understand how difficult this business can be!

Beginner Piano Lessons

As singers, it is very helpful to have basic piano/keyboard skills.  For the complete beginner, we offer piano lessons that focus on the fundementals, allowing you to sight-read new music, teach yourself songs, and play simple accompaniment.

Skype Lessons

For those of you not in the NYC area or too lazy to leave your apartment, we offer voice lessons via Skype. Get the experience of working with one of our top knotch singing teachers from anywhere in the world!

Students are always amazed at how well this works, and it's a great way for actors out on the road to brush up on technique! For repertoire coachings, all that is needed is a recorded accompaniment, as the slight time delay does not allow us to accompany via the interweb.

Team Building Group Classes

Looking for a fun team building experience for your corporate, tour, or school group?  Come sing with us!

In this 2 hour class, your group will  do a series of exercises to help demonstrate the foundations of singing, culminating in the performance of a fun group song. This class is tailored to all levels of singing, and is an engaging way to foster a group dynamic, while building listening and communication skills along the way. Email for scheduling, rates, and more info!