Creative Coaching

with Expressed Life:


Through our work as a voice teachers, we’ve had artists of all kinds coming through our door initially wanting to learn vocal technique but so often uncovering a deeper need. We find they want to truly explore inwardly in order to unlock what needs to be expressed so they can ultimately connect to themselves as a person, choose the kind of art they want to make, and practice how they want to express themselves.

Expressed Life Creative Life Coaching was born out of NYC Vocal Studio's mission to help singers find and connect to their authentic voice. We believe that owning your personal voice and truth as a human being is supremely important, just as we believe it is imperative to connect to your truth and sense of self when discovering your singing voice.

Through this unique creative life coaching, we will get absolutely clear on how you interact with your thoughts and feelings both while you are performing and while you are living your life!

In our work together, we complete a comprehensive 3-step transformation and liberation process.  We will work with the over-active brain chatter to free up space for you to unapologetically express your authentic voice. Each step is a building block that will move you through identifying your current road blocks, to clarifying your zones of strength as a person and as a performer, and ultimately bringing you to a place of maximum efficiency and freedom in your artistry and your life.

Working with a coach in this way will mean that you have access to an unbiased 3rd party on your team with dedicated time to YOU and YOUR DREAMS. We’ll get honest with what’s been holding you back, we’ll strategize action to move you forward, and you will have consistent accountability on creating what you’re most wanting for yourself.

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"I think the beauty of this coaching is how Molly is able to help you find the voice inside of you that you always had, but were unable to use. Life can throw so many things in your way that can prevent you from owning your true self as a person, an artist and a participant in life. Molly has been instrumental in helping me gain my confidence back, and become a brave vulnerable being. I started my own company, I am working in a field I love, and have made significant improvements in my love and social life. What more could you possibly ask for? Two very enthusiastic thumbs up :)."

-Rachel Schur: Actor/Singer/Dancer currently in Chicago on Broadway, Owner of Realit