Group Classes


School groups:

Are you traveling to NYC or live locally and looking to give your students the Broadway experience? We have worked with groups from all around the globe to create a vocal experience that gives students exactly the fun NYC growth experience that they’re looking for!

Our school group workshops can include a focus on the specifics of vocal technique and body work, the brain and the singing voice, acting the song, mock auditions, solo or group work and everything in between. We love putting together singing experiences that match your specific group’s needs!


Is your team looking for a new and exciting way to accomplish true Team Building? We create customized workshops for groups that allow for a constructive and fun learning environment, tailored to your exact needs.  We love working with groups in this way and have worked with some of the top corporations in NYC.

Class offerings:

The broadway Experience:

This is our most popular group offering. In this 2 hour class we will work with your group on a popular Broadway or pop/rock song with live piano accompaniment. We send your group the song ahead of time, you get familiar with it, and when you arrive we jump right in! We will lead you through a group warm up, run through the song, and explore a variety of ways to make your group’s performance more dynamic, expressive, and fun. At the end, we hold auditions for solos, to allow individual group members to have a moment to shine!

The Karaoke Party:

This super fun and informative class helps demystify how to rock your time at karaoke. We will go over how to choose karaoke songs that match YOUR voice and let you shine, give a sample list of songs ranging from time periods to skill levels, and we’ll even get into some basic vocal technique to take your performance to the next level.  This workshop is perfect for groups that have introverts and extroverts alike-as we help choose solo and group songs that highlight each and every personality type and allow your group to have an appreciation for each of its members. This class takes place in a private room at a local Karaoke bar where you can immediately put your lessons into action!

The choral masterclass

This 2 hour masterclass is open to Concert Choirs, Jazz Choirs, Madrigals, Gospel & Church Choirs, and small group ensembles. Work with our award winning clinician, Matthew Hougland, who is currently on faculty at the Professional Performing Arts School, to raise your students level of ensemble performance, and love for the performing arts!

The Custom Experience:

Have an idea for a workshop or class? Contact us, and we can help you create a group singing experience that best suits the needs of your group!